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With budget-friendly and effective restoration services, iDry can help you save your home from flood damage. Whether the water has created seepage into your walls or wet spots on the carpet, we are here to make it all go back like new!

Emergency Response

Our team of customer representatives is highly active and responsive. Each restoration request made at our website gets immediate attention, with an inspection team sent to the site for assessment as soon as possible. Once a full crew has been outlined by that investigation, we send it out without delay! Additionally, our services are available 24/7 so you don't have to worry about any delays in response time when disaster strikes your home or business!

Professional Staff

We have recruited a team of highly professional staff with detailed knowledge and experience that can resolve all flooding issues to restore your property at its best. Our staff is certified by the IICRC, which means they know how to satisfy our clients in terms of both restoration as well as courtesy and professionalism.

Advanced Equipments

Our staff is fully equipped with all of the machinery and equipment needed to restore any damage caused by flooding in Grey Lynn. We have air movers, dehumidifiers, mounted vacuums, thermal forgers (ex: dry ice), negative air machines that purify indoor environments using ozone technology (a powerful disinfectant) along with extractors and tools of analysis. All this help keep our inventory safe from damages while still remaining effective!

Experienced & Licensed Restoration Experts

We're 24/7 Open To Help You!

At Flood Restoration Wellington, our clients can expect a 24/7 hassle-free service. Our customer representatives are ready to assist you at all times and make sure your damage is repaired without any trouble or distraction so that you remain happy with us throughout the process. If there's water leaking from your walls in addition to mold growth due to flooding, we'll take care of it for free as well; simply call us today!
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"My daughter left tap running overnight and house was flooded in the morning. We called Them in morning and they arrived on site within 1 hour. They dealt with the flood very professionally and efficiently. We were not able to find any evidence that flood even happened. Very happy with their service. I highly recommend This team."

Amit Munjal

Local Guide And Resident of Auckland

Our Hassle-Free Flood Restoration Service

24/7 Emergency Flooding
Restoration Wellington

Flood Restoration Wellington is dedicated to providing you with quality service and ensuring that your home or business has its water damage fully restored in the most effective way possible. Our expert technicians inspect for damages, then call forth our other crew members and equipment with skillful precision. We take pride in being available 24/7; we have a customer representative who's active around the clock during this process of restoring what was lost from floodwater.

Residential Flood Restoration
in Wellington

Flood Restoration Wellington is the ultimate solution for all kinds of flooding damage in residential areas. Our staff has advanced machinery and a 24/7 available team, as well as extensive customer service experience. All of our workers are courteous and believe in building long-term relationships with customers so they can keep them satisfied!

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Commercial Flood Restoration
in Wellington

Flooding at commercial properties is more harmful than it being happening to residential ones. If you are one of them and the damages of flooding have gone beyond your control, don't worry! Give us a call right now so that our assessment team can come inspect your property as soon as possible. We would love seeing you smile with a fully restored commercial space!

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Why Choose Us?

If you're stressed because of the flooding damage in Wellington, contact Flood Restoration Wellington. We offer restoration for your property and can help with all our services.

Professional Staff

We have technicians with a unique set of skills and expertise as well as IICRC certification.

Modern Technology

We have the most advanced equipment and machinery, allowing us to provide you with effective services.

24-7 Emergency Response

Our dedicated service team reaches on time and makes sure all the damage is repaired within no time.

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