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Your locally-owned flood restoration company

We are an experienced organisation working for the betterment of people within Auckland and securing them from the issues damages caused by flooding for so many years. Our workers and staff is available 24/7 and responds to the requests of our clients without any delay as they understand the need of emergency restorations . We possess highly professional teams of skilled workers and very responsive customer representatives who are passionate about helping the people of Auckland.
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"My daughter left tap running overnight and house was flooded in the morning. We called Them in morning and they arrived on site within 1 hour. They dealt with the flood very professionally and efficiently. We were not able to find any evidence that flood even happened. Very happy with their service. I highly recommend This team."

Amit Munjal

Local Guide And Resident of Auckland

Water Damage Restoration Company

Flood Restoration Auckland is a well-established water damage restoration company which offers all kinds of restorations services caused by flooding or storms. All our staff is highly skilled and we are well-equipped with advanced machinery required for the purpose of restoring damages and mitigating the risks of further damages.
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People in Auckland who are stressed because of the damages caused to their property out of flooding should contact Flood Restoration Auckland for getting their damages restored because we offer all the services that they might require.

Professional Staff

We have technicians who are full of skills and expertise as well as possess an IICRC certification.

Modern Technology

Our equipment and machinery is highly up to date and can render the most effective services of damage restoration.

24-7 Emergency Response

Our service team is available 24-7 and never misses their commitment instead reaches on time and get all the damage restored within no time.

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