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The Stages of Cleaning Your Home After a Flood

Flooding is a common natural disaster that can happen to anyone, at anytime. A flood in your home can be devastating and the cleanup process seems never ending. If you’ve recently been through this experience, we hope our article will make cleaning up after a flood less overwhelming. We know how hard it is to start from scratch when you don’t have any of your belongings or furniture left behind; this guide will walk you through 7 stages of what needs to be done following a flood in order for your home to feel like yours again!

Remove any standing water from the house

This can be done by using your wet/dry vacuum.

We recommend using a wet/dry vacuum to suck the moisture out of your mattresses, carpeting and other porous surfaces. It is also important that you purchase fans for all rooms in order to dry everything quickly. Once everything has dried completely then it's time to wash!

Set up barriers to prevent further flooding

If you see any signs of water damage, whether or not it has already dried up, make sure to set up a barrier to protect your home. This can be done by using sandbags in front of doors and windows that are located on the ground floor.

Restore all appliances

Make sure every appliance is working again! If any appliances have been damaged by the flood you may need to replace them.

Dry out your home with fans and dehumidifiers

Make sure you have fans and dehumidifiers running in every room.

If you have fans, keep them running for at least 48 hours to completely dry out the house.

Get rid of all moldy items in your home

If you come across any moldy items throughout your home, throw them away immediately. Mold can be very dangerous and cause respiratory problems if inhaled for a long period of time.

Throw away anything else that is ruined by the floodwater

Throw anything that is damaged or moldy away. You can also donate and sell items to help yourself and others in need!

Replace any water-damaged flooring, carpets, doors and windows

If you have damage from floodwaters anywhere other than your appliances, then we recommend replacing them as soon as possible. If you do not want to buy new ones because of cost reasons, there are many ways to make temporary fixes such as using duct tape around doorframes instead of buying a whole new door.

Disinfect everything with bleach so it doesn't smell or grow mold

If you have any objects in your home that were wet for a long period of time, we recommend disinfecting them with bleach and water to kill all germs and mold.

This is what needs to be done following a flood in order for your home to feel like yours again!

Put on protective gear and remove any furniture that is wet

It is important to wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when cleaning up after a flood. Your next step should be removing all furniture that has gotten wet from the water, including carpets/rugs, mattresses, etc. Depending on how much damage there was you may want to throw away certain pieces of furniture as well.

Remove any water from the walls and floor if needed

If you are lucky enough to have minimal damage, then your next step should be removing the excess moisture that is left behind by drying out with fans or dehumidifiers.


This is what needs to be done following a flood in order for your home to feel like yours again! Thank you so much for reading our blog post today about what needs to be done following a flood

This way when people tour through your house they won’t notice anything different about it because everything looks brand new again!!

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