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Remove Water Stains From Your Walls: DIY Guide

Water stains on your walls are not only unsightly, but they can also be expensive to remove. If you have a water stain that is sticking around, there's no need to panic! You may think it impossible to remove the stain yourself and call in professionals for help. But with these 7 steps, anyone can remove water stains from their walls without spending too much money or time.

By Using Wet Cloth

Use a wet cloth to remove the water off of your walls. If you wait too long, the water will seep into your drywall and paint.

Wet Cloth Trick - Using a clean towel or rag, blot the stain with lots of cool water on it. This should remove any residue that's still moist so you can focus on drying up what is left behind with paper towels. Be sure not to rub! Rubbing only makes the stains worse by spreading them around more than they would have originally been spread if there was no rubbing involved in the process. Remember, we want all those nasty black spots gone as soon as possible but without leaving any new ones for us to deal with later down the road.

Paper Towel Trick - Grab some paper towels and remove as much of the stain as you can. Again, be sure not to rub! If rubbing is necessary because your paper towel isn't taking up all that's left behind in the spot, try using a dry cloth or old t shirt to remove what remains without adding too many additional stains from your hands onto it.

Using White Vinegar

Pour white vinegar on the water stained area and wait for about ten minutes before wiping away with a clean wet rag or any other suitable material such as recycled cotton T shirts soaked in water

Vinegar Application Tip - For this step, pour equal parts warm water (hot tap works) and white vinegar into a bowl. With two spoons, mix the water and vinegar until they're blended well together. Get a rag or towel to remove excess liquid from your hands before you start working on the stain.

Vinegar Wait Time Tip - Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how long one should wait for any type of reaction with certain substances so if you need some guidance in this department, try waiting anywhere between five minutes up to twenty minutes depending on what is most likely going to happen next after that time has elapsed!

Apply Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol Application Trick - Again use equal parts warm water and rubbing alcohol into a bowl (or cup) but make sure there's enough room for both liquids combined without spilling over the sides. Mix with a spoon for about 20 seconds and remove any excess liquid from your hands before you start working on the stain.

Alcohol Wait Time Trick - This step is best suited to those who want immediate results. If, after applying this substance onto your water stained area, it becomes dry within minutes or even seconds then wait time probably won't be necessary!

Hot Water and Add one Cup of Salt

Fill up your bathtub halfway full of hot water and add one cup of salt. Once ready, soak dish towels in there (two if possible) until they're completely wet but not dripping all over the place as that will only take away some of their efficacy later down the road when we have them around our stains again trying to remove them.

Salt Bath Trick - Using a clean towel or rag, remove as much of the water stain from your walls and then place those towels with the soapy cleaning liquid onto it into your bathtub to soak for about ten minutes before using them again!

Soaking Time Trick - If you want that perfect amount of time (or if you're unsure how long is best), wait until bubbles start bubbling up in some places where there are no stains whatsoever on your cloth but not too many spots because we don't want any excess salt going anywhere near our clothing items after they've been used at one point during this process. That would be bad news bears!


Above ways are the best ways to remove any water stains either from the walls or ceilings.

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