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Potential Disaster: Best Ways to Secure Valuables Before a Flood

The most important thing you need to do before a flood is make sure your valuables are safe! If water gets inside, it could damage or destroy everything. Make sure that whatever is stored upstairs in your house is high enough off the ground and stored away from windows. This way, if there's a break in the basement due to flooding, nothing will be damaged on the upper floors of your home.

Keep your valuables in waterproof containers and

Store them in the safest place possible. This could be a high cupboard or even an empty refrigerator, as long as it's sealed and doesn't have any holes to let water inside.

It is also important that you keep your electronics out of harm's way by unplugging everything before the storm hits. If power surges without warning, this can cause expensive problems like fried circuits and broken equipment! The only thing worse than having no utilities because there was a flood, would be to lose all those precious memories stored on digital media files due to sudden electrical damage during the same event!

This goes for both your computers (desktops and laptops) and appliances such as televisions and video game consoles. Again, if these devices are plugged into a surge protector, you can save them from massive damage that will make it very expensive to repair.

Use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air and protect your valuables

This is a good idea if you have to leave your property for an extended period of time.

A dehumidifier can help prevent mildew from growing and damaging the items inside, especially important in humid climates where it's common to be surrounded by dampness without actually experiencing any rain or standing water. Remember that even though there isn't much visible moisture, this doesn't mean it won't absorb into porous objects like clothing and furniture! Make sure everything valuable has been thoroughly dried before returning them back upstairs near windows again.

Install sump pumps for flood protection

If you're still worried about the possibility of flooding during a natural disaster, it's always smart to install sump pumps.

They are placed in your basement and will pump out any water that enters every time there is rainfall or standing water outside. Make sure they have adequate drainage to avoid problems like back-flow which can cause damage all over again!

Always opt for quality when choosing what types of materials you'll use for flood protection so you don't waste money on something useless the next time around.

Move electronics away from high-risk areas like basements

This will help keep them safe from accidental surges during a flood, which can happen without warning and be very destructive to electronics. They're also great for protecting appliances plugged into outlets that aren't waterproof if you have to leave your home before the weather clears up! Make sure there is adequate drainage around all outdoor devices so water doesn't pool or spill over onto anything important as well.

Never underestimate how quickly conditions can change when it comes to floods.

Store important documents on hard drives instead of paper copies

If your computer dies or you get an electrical surge during the flood, there is no way of retrieving any information that was stored on it. Keep everything backed up and accessible by storing all files (both digital and anything written down) in waterproof containers like ziploc bags! This means family photos, documents with personal data like social security numbers, etc.

Place valuable items on higher shelves when possible

This can make them less likely to get knocked around and possibly damaged when you take the time to bring everything up from your basement. Make sure these items are safely out of reach so children or pets don't injure themselves or cause further damage!

Store essential documents somewhere dry but accessible

If there is standing water all throughout your home, you'll need some way of accessing important papers like insurance policies and identification cards which will be needed immediately after the emergency has passed.


Be sure to research and find out what types of flood protection will work best for your situation before causing even more damage by using the wrong materials. Make a checklist with all necessary steps you need to take in order from start to finish so you don't forget anything important! Remember that every second counts when it comes to protecting yourself, family members, and other valuables during an emergency event like this one.

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