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Mistakes Homeowners Make Before Disaster Strikes

One of the worst things that a homeowner can experience is a flood. Floods are devastating, and they can wreak havoc on your home's structure and belongings. Flood restoration mistakes can make the situation even worse if you don't know what to do when disaster strikes. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes homeowners make before disaster strikes - so you won't have to learn from our mistakes!

Never try to turn the electrical power back on

Never touch anything electric until a certified electrician makes sure that your home is safe.

Homeowners will often want to turn the electricity back on as soon as possible after a flood, because it's uncomfortable not having lights or appliances available. However, turning the power back on before it has been inspected and tested can lead to electrocution, fires and other dangers.

Not Keeping your pets away from the area

Flood water can carry contaminants that are harmful to both pets and humans. It's important to keep your pets away from the affected area, even if you aren't living there for an extended period of time.

When floodwaters subside, it is common for homeowners to return home as soon as possible in order to assess the damage and begin the restoration process. However, it is important to keep your pets away from the affected area until you are sure that the water has subsided and everything is clean again.

Not having an Emergency Clean-up Plan in place

When disaster strikes, you don't want to be scrambling for information about what steps you need to take next - especially if you have to evacuate your home.

Having a plan in place before disaster strikes can save you time, money and stress during the restoration process. Contacting our team of professionals is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to flood damage cleanup.

Not using a dehumidifier

It is important to keep your home as dry as possible following a flood, since moisture can contribute to mold growth. A dehumidifier will help you maintain an optimal level of humidity in the air inside your flooded home.

Never use fans or other appliances within 24 hours after flooding

A common mistake homeowners make once their homes have been affected by a flood is to begin using appliances and fans. However, this can cause an electrical surge that damages any equipment you use after the power has been restored.

Ignoring mold and mildew

Mold and mildew growth can cause severe damage to your home's structure, as well as the health of those who live inside. It is important that you remove mold and mildew from hard surfaces before it spreads further throughout your home.

It is understandable if you don't know what steps to take after a flood has damaged your property - but it is important that you contact a certified restoration company as soon as possible. The longer an affected area sits and the more moisture that remains, the greater your risk for mold growth and other problems.

Skipping over electrical outlets, switches, and light fixtures

Many homeowners think that they can save time and money by cleaning up after a flood themselves. However, it is important to inspect electrical outlets, switches and light fixtures before using them again.

Inspecting these areas yourself could result in electrocution or other serious problems if they are not properly cleaned first. It's best to let the professionals handle this part of the restoration process, since they are trained to identify potential hazards.


By avoiding these mistakes, you can avoid common pitfalls that homeowners make when it comes to restoring their homes after a flood. If you plan ahead and act quickly, the restoration process will be much easier for everyone involved.

Your home is safe. If you have any questions about what to do after a flood, contact the professionals at Flood Restoration Auckland for an expert restoration plan.

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