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How to Stay Safe During a Home Flood

A home flood is the biggest disaster that can ever strike to you in your home and it can be a devastating event. If you are unprepared, it could cause the total destruction of your house and belongings. The only way to avoid this risk is to prepare yourself in advance for when disaster strikes! To help you stay safe during a home flood, we have compiled 6 steps that will ensure your safety and protect your property from damage. Follow all six steps below so that you can recover quickly after the flooding has subsided!

Turn off the Power

Turn off the power on your home's main breaker. This is especially important if you are in an area that has recently experienced flooding, as it will prevent electrical fires from occurring once water fills up into outlets and other areas where there may be wires. Electricity can not only cause damage to appliances or wiring, but also combustible materials like wood or drywall which could catch fire when flooded with large volumes of water. Make sure all family members know how to turn off the power before inclement weather arrives! If possible, use a generator instead of accessing electricity through the grid during this time for safety reasons.

Shutting off Water Valves

Shut them off in your house and outside so that they do not overflow and cause unnecessary damage to your property. The water valves can be located where the pipes come into the house from the street, as well as outside faucets that may have been used for gardening or washing cars.

First things First: Protecting Valuable Items

Move anything valuable - especially large appliances like a refrigerator, washer/dryer set, dishwasher, etc. - to higher ground if you are expecting flooding in your area. Make sure family members know how to shut off these appliances before moving them so there is no risk of electrocution due to power still being connected!

Covering up the Leaks

Put a bucket underneath any leaks, especially from toilets or sinks, which could become serious issues as homeowners return home after their community has been flooded.

Your Best Option to Save Yourself

Stay away from water that is not flowing or draining normally. It may be a sign of a potential leak and if you have to walk through it, make sure your shoes are either waterproofed or don't touch the floor at all in order to prevent bacteria from being tracked inside.

Covering up

Cover up electrical outlets with plastic wrap or tape to prevent leakage which can cause damage further into walls where they might become exposed. This could create an even bigger headache for you down the road when trying to fix this area after returning home, so avoid exposing wires due to flooding by covering them immediately!


Flooding can turn out very dangerous for anyone who is unprepared. To avoid this for yourself, make sure you follow all six steps above to ensure that your home is as safe as possible and minimize damage once disaster strikes! Keywords to include: home flood, preparation.

Stay safe during the home flood - When there is a possibility of flooding in your area or you are being directly impacted by it, be sure to follow all six steps above so that you can remain as safe as possible! Work with family members beforehand on how they should turn off appliances if necessary and have them aware of what needs to happen once weather conditions become worse. With some foresight before disaster strikes, everyone will return safely after hazardous floods subside!

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