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How To Repair Kitchen Cabinets With Water Damage?

Water damage to your kitchen cabinets is a nightmare, and it doesn't have to be! Water from the sink or moisture in air can cause flaking paint as well as bubbling up of laminate surfaces. This leads not only does finish degradation but also increased risk for further water-related damages such as mold growth inside the cabinet space.

To avoid future water-damaged kitchen cabinets and other problems with your home, it's important to repair any damage caused by leaks. Here are 9 Steps to Repairing Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets:


Prepare the cabinets for repair

If you're in need of a new door for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, be sure to check that these items have been taken care of first. Remove the cabinet doors from their hinges and set them on an area free-of tools so they don't get covered with paint while being worked on!

Prime the wood with a shellac-based primer

Shellac-based primers are a great way to help restore tiny cracks and scuffs in hardwood furniture. Apply 1 or 2 applications of this product onto damaged areas on your cabinet door, then allow it time (30 minutes+) before painting over the surface with an oil base paint that will adhere well due using just one coat!

Apply plastic wood fillers if necessary

Use this step to make sure your particle board is as flat and smooth before moving on. You'll want a good surface for the next coat, so do it right! If there's significant damage in certain areas where there's been water or other substances spilling onto it over time (like glue), plastic wood filler might be able help seal those cracks shut - just check with an expert first because not all woods require treatment depending upon what type of project we're working towards at any given moment

Get sanding that cabinet door!

The water-damaged cabinets must be sanded so that the wood's surface is even once again. It's best to use 120 grit sandpaper, although any coarser or finer would suffice for this process depending on your personal preference and skill level with an electric sander will make it much easier than hand nailing boards together when all you have available are nails into which pieces can later attach if need be in order finish building up those weak spots before they become cause of major problems down the line!

Repeat the previous steps if necessary

It is important to sand down your cabinet doors until they are smooth and flat. This may involve repeating the primer, filler, and shellac processes again depending on how much damage there is before beginning this process in order for you wood appear smoother than ever!

Start painting your kitchen cabinet!

After you've fixed the damage caused by water to a cabinet door, allow it time for paint jobs that often take several hours. Oil-based paints dry much slower than other types so they might need more attention before finishing up work on that area of your project!

Sand the painted cabinet doors down

After the paint has dried, sand it down with a finer grit of paper. The purpose is to make sure that all parts are smooth and polished looking instead if being squared off or distorted from how they were naturally shaped before painting; small holes can also form as result when you do this correctly so be careful!

Apply one more layer of paint and sand it down.

What's the best way to fix a cabinet door that has been ruined by water or paint chipping? Apply one more coat of primer and then sand it smooth with 220-grit sandpaper. Depending on how much damage there is, you may need repeat this process 1-2 times but always keep in mind not too overdo things since these doors are delicate!

Apply a water-proofing varnish or seal

If you want your cabinets to last for years and remain watertight, then it's important that they are properly sealed. A final topcoat or clear coat will help keep the moisture out in future generations of abuse while also making sure no one can see through them like glass!


The  water damage can ruin your cabinets or kitchen, use these 9 steps before, during and after any leaky situation in the kitchen!

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