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How to Remove Mold from Walls: A Step-By-Step Guide

Mold is the bane of many homeowners and can be a pain to remove. If you're looking for an effective way to remove mold from your home, then this guide should help you out! We'll go over everything you need to remove mold from walls, including what materials to use and how often it needs doing. Follow these steps and we guarantee that your wall will soon be free of any moldy grime!

Remove all the Items from the Area that is About to be Cleaned

First, remove all the items from the area that needs to be cleaned. This includes anything fragile or expensive as you don't want them falling over and getting broken while cleaning. Once everything is out of your way, get a scrub brush and remove all the moldy grime from any walls in need. If there are large patches of the wall covered by thick layers of mold or mildew then you might have to use something more powerful like an electric sander for best results. Aim at removing as much mold growth as possible before moving on with one of our other tips below!

Use a Scrub Brush to Remove all the Mold Grime from Wall

To remove mold from walls, it's important that you use a scrub brush to remove all the moldy grime. You may have to switch out your regular one for something with tougher bristles depending on how thick the layer of growth is and what type of wall surface you're dealing with. We recommend using products such as Bon-Aire if there are large patches or tough spots along any water-damaged walls (ceilings included) since they do some serious work while still being gentle enough not to harm surrounding areas when used properly! Also, note that when removing mold from walls make sure not to damage them in other ways like pressing too hard against wet surfaces so be extra careful around damp ones.

Mix ¼ cup Bleach with Water and Spary on Moldy Area

Now it's time to remove mold from walls using bleach. Mix one-fourth cup of bleach with three cups of water and pour over the moldy area (use more if you're dealing with large patches or tougher spots). The paint will start bubbling up which is normal since we'll be scrubbing at it next, so don't worry about that either! Once everything has stopped fizzing away continue scrubbing in small circles until all the growth has been removed before rinsing off thoroughly. Again, make sure not to press too hard against damp surfaces here because this can cause them to remove mold from walls too.

Scrub at Moldy Area with Sponge then Let it Dry Before Painting

Once the bleach has been scrubbed off with a sponge and allowed to dry (check periodically for any missed areas) then you can paint over it again once everything is completely dried out! If necessary use a fan or open window to speed up this process as we don't want anything damp remaining in that area since mildew will begin growing back if left wet which means more work later on after removing the new growth. In fact, letting things get too bad by leaving them be might even turn into an expensive project when dealing with larger surfaces so make sure you remove mold from walls as soon as you can.

Wear Glove when Dealing with Harsh Chemicals

Lastly, remove any gloves and dispose of them properly in order to remove all the risks associated with dealing with harsh chemicals like bleach or sanders etcetera especially since children are often around while we work! It's also important that if there is anyone else living in your home then make sure they know what went on here so everyone stays safe. Some people might even be allergic to such things which means extra precautions need taking just in case. Lastly, remember never mix different products together unless directed by a professional otherwise this could cause an adverse reaction plus create fumes for those inside your house.

Let it Dry Before Replacing Anything Back

Now remove mold from walls by ensuring all wet surfaces are dried thoroughly before replacing anything back. You might find that some of your belongings have been stained so remove them too or even consider buying new ones if necessary to prevent any further growth since removing the previous source isn't always enough! We also recommend investing in a dehumidifier at this stage which will help remove excess moisture and humidity around the area plus it'll save you money on getting someone else to do it when dealing with larger homes. Remember, the cleaner you keep an environment the chances are less likely you'll have to remove mold from walls in the future which means less work, healthier living, and a happier home!


Finally, remember that opening some windows during the day can prevent any further humidity build-up and remove excess moisture since we want dry surroundings here rather than damp ones otherwise more problems will occur as well as extra costs too once everything gets bad enough.


To remove mold from walls by following these easy steps and you'll save money on hiring someone else to do the job or even buying a new home elsewhere which will help prevent any further growth since we all want healthy living in our homes right? Don't forget that it's not just about removing mold either, but also preventing its return.

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