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6 Things You Should Have in Your Flood Restoration Kit

Floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters that can happen to a person. They flood your home, flood your business, flood everything. It's not just water either; floodwater is full of contaminants like sewage and chemicals that can make you very sick if they come into contact with skin. The aftermath of a flood can be an expensive mess to clean up without the proper preparation beforehand. This blog post will give you 6 things you should have in your flood restoration kit for when disaster strikes!

Flashlights and Batteries.

When the power goes out floodwaters can be very dark, making it hard to see what you're doing or where your next step is leading. A flashlight will allow you to work in floodwater without fear of hurting yourself on something in the darkness. Batteries are an essential part of any battery powered device, so stock up!

Waterproof Matches

Waterproof matches, lighter, or stove to light a fire if the power goes out. Flooded homes often have no running water so lighting candles doesn't cut it for long periods of time when cooking meals and cleaning up all that flood mess from surfaces around the home becomes necessary - especially after everything has dried off and become covered with dust again (which is what will happen after flood cleanup). A stove with a gas burner, like in your kitchen that's been flooded and needs to be cleaned up? This is the time you'll need it most.

First-aid Kit

First-aid kit with bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers for aches and pains. Floods can cause injuries because of all the debris from flood damage in homes or businesses: things falling off shelves, items being swept by flood waters against walls causing injury when they hit your body on their way back down - so keeping first aid supplies handy will make sure you're ready if an accident happens!

Disinfectant Wipes or Household Cleaner

Disinfectant wipes or household cleaner for disinfecting surfaces. If floodwaters come into contact with surfaces in your home or business, floodwater will make those surfaces unsafe for contact. Disinfectant wipes are the most convenient way to clean up floodwaters and keep them away from other surfaces so they don't become contaminated as well. A can of household cleaner is also good for cleaning flood waters off things like hardwood floors that would otherwise be left with a slippery residue from flood water sitting on top of it after cleanup.

Sponges and Rags

Sponges and rags to clean up messes. Floods leave behind giant piles of muck and debris that need cleaned up; sponges are great because you can wring out all the dirty flood water before using again without spreading around bacteria or other contaminants into areas where you've already cleaned and floodwaters are no longer a concern. A rag is also handy for wiping away the flood water that did make it into places you've already cleaned and don't want dirty again.

Waterproof Container

Waterproof container for storing your important documents. If floodwaters come into contact with any of your belongings, whether they're on the floor or somewhere out of reach like up high in a closet when flooding occurs, those items will be ruined! Keeping an airtight waterproof box to store anything you need to keep safe from floodwaters will help prevent damage so everything can dry off once flood cleanup has been completed - which means more time spent on cleaning up instead figuring out what needs replaced after all our possessions have been lost to muddy brown slime because we didn't have flood preparation items!


Floods can be very costly to clean up without the proper preparation beforehand. This is why here you had the best ways to protect yourself and prepare a perfect kid when disaster occurs.

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