How to reduce flood damage risk to a mobile home?

Mobile homes can be more prone to flooding compared to normal homes, one way of protecting your mobile home from flooding is to place it somewhere where it is not likely to flood, although this is easier said than done it is worth it to identify the factors that can cause flooding and try to prevent them.


Mobile homes require extra care and prevention from flooding the reason for this is as they are constructed from Vinyl and metal it is likely that if they come in contact with severe flooding, the boards of the mobile home will most probably be damaged.


So extra care must be taken to avoid the mobile home from coming into contact with humidity and water, this means that the base of the mobile home must be well above the ground to keep a margin from the ground that can keep the floorboards protected.


Most mobile homes are already a few feet above the ground, but it is advisable to have a crowd with the locals and ask them how above the ground flood water usually comes up to so you can protect your mobile home from harm from water damage.


Once you have a fair idea of how high the mobile home should be to be safe then construct the mobile home accordingly, local contractors can help you raise your home above the ground.


While it may seem that you are protected from water damage, it is still recommended that you get insurance for your mobile home as it is still prone to disaster or unforeseen circumstance.


Safeguard your electric system

Your power supply must be safe and well above the ground, so it does not come in contact with floodwaters, switches, sockets and wiring must all be above ground because it can lead to short circuit and potentially a fire hazard if they come into contact with water.

Outdoor equipment must be high

Fuel tanks, generators and air conditioning units must also be placed above the ground as if they come in to contact with water they can be contaminated or be a high-level fire hazard and safety issue.

Check the water valves

Sewer damage is one of the biggest hurdles that one has to cross when getting rid of the water damage and cleaning the mobile house. As a mobile house is small there is a high chance that in case of flooding there can be a fire hazard or leakage of contaminated water within the house, valves can prevent the water from bursting as they can be switched off or opened similarly.

Check valves, which open automatically to allow water to flow out and then close when water tries to get in.

Valves should be installed on all pipes entering the house.

Waterflow of the home

The water flow of the house can be determined by how you decide to place your mobile home if you want to help out I think a tilted house can direct water to go into the sewage system or drain out instead of staying idle within the house you must allow the flood water to reach the drains and drain out.