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7 Ways to Spot the Signs of Water Damage

Water damage can be devastating to your home or business. It can trigger mold growth, cause structural damage, and create hazardous health conditions. The sooner you notice the signs of water damage, the better chance you have at saving your property from more expensive future repairs. This blog post will teach you how to spot the early warning signs that indicate a serious problem is developing around water damage in your building.

Wet floors with no apparent cause

If you notice a wet floor, this is an indication that there may be a water leak.

When water leaks from a pipe, it initially pools at the point of origin. If there is no visible source of water flow in your building, this may mean that you have not yet noticed the damage or do not know where to look for it. The longer you wait before taking action to stop the leak and dry out the area properly will only increase the potential for more damage.

Wet or discolored walls or ceilings

Water leaks can travel through your walls or ceilings, leaving behind ugly stains. If you notice water damage in the walls of your building, this is a sign that there may be serious underlying problems with plumbing pipes. When these pipes leak over time, they begin to corrode and rust - eventually weakening them to the point where even small amounts of pressure lead to breakage. Once enough corrosion has occurred, it will only take minor stress for an entire pipe's contents to burst all at once. This often results in flooding throughout multiple rooms on different levels of your property until everything has been soaked up by floors and carpets!

Moldy smell in the air

Mold growth is one of the most common and dangerous results of water damage. If you notice a moldy smell in your building, this may indicate that there has been moisture for an extended time period. Mold loves to grow in these conditions because it requires food - which means taking advantage of wood, paper, or carpet fibers left behind by excess water. If your building's surfaces are not thoroughly dried out and sanitized, mold will continue to spread rapidly through the air - eventually compromising the structural integrity of walls or making it difficult for people with allergies or respiratory conditions to breathe!

Sagging floors and ceilings

A water leak can lead to significant damage underneath your building. When the ground becomes saturated with excess moisture, it will begin to shift and settle - leaving everything above it significantly more likely to develop structural problems. If you notice that there are multiple areas in different levels of your property where floors or ceilings seem lower than usual (or if they start to sag), this is a sign that there may have been ongoing problems with water leaking over time.

Cracks in plaster or stucco

Water leaks can weaken the structure of your walls over time. If you notice that there are cracks in plaster or stucco around windows, doors, or other areas where water damage is common - this may indicate a problem with structural integrity under your building's facade.

Peeling paint on ceilings and walls

Paint peeling away from surfaces in your building is a sign that there may be water damage underneath. If you notice that paint on ceilings or walls is bubbling, peeling away from the wall's surface, or otherwise looks like it has been damaged by water - this can indicate problems with moisture under the coating.

Stains on furniture and carpeting from dampness

If you notice stains on furniture or carpeting in your building, this may indicate water damage underneath. If the wood on a table appears warped and discolored or if there are dark spots all over the floor covering, these signs can indicate that moisture has been absorbed into the material - leading to permanent discoloration and even rot after enough time has passed.


If you notice any of these signs in your building, it's time to act fast! The longer you wait before taking action to stop the leak and dry out the area properly will only increase the potential for more damage.

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