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7 Awesome Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Every basement in the world has to deal with water, and basements are also one of the most popular destinations for leaks. It's easy to get discouraged when you see this happening, but don't worry! This blog post is here to help you find solutions that will work for your home. We've compiled a list of 6 awesome solutions that will ensure your home stays dry and leak-free.

Locate and seal any cracks in the foundation.

Install an airtight seal on the outside of your basement. This can be done by using a concrete waterproofing compound and installing it around the perimeter of your home, which will help prevent water from seeping in through cracks or gaps.

If you think that some areas are more prone to leaking than others, like under windows for example, then use caulk to fill any voids there might be between the window frame and exterior wall.

Add a French drain to divert water away from the foundation

French drains can be installed around the perimeter of your home and will redirect water away from the foundation. They consist of a perforated pipe that's buried under gravel, which is what creates enough suction for water to flow down towards it.

Place waterproofing tiles on soggy ground outside

You can add these tiles anywhere you think needs extra protection (often recommended in raised flower beds), but they're especially good at preventing leaks during times when rainwater has nowhere else to go, like after heavy rainfall or storms. This type of product also reduces erosion by creating better drainage over time as dirt and grass continue to accumulate on top.

Install a sump pump for emergency drainage

This is a great solution to have if you're worried about flooding from heavy rainfall or other water sources that might overflow into the basement. It works very simply by pumping out ground moisture and sending it away from your home, but can also be used as a backup plan in case of power failure.

Use a dehumidifier

When humidity levels go up inside the house, this can lead to condensation on walls and windows which leads to an increase in dampness throughout the entire room where they are located - including basements! This is why using a humidifier will help keep things dry no matter what amount of humidity there may be outside.

Insulate basement walls and floors

Insulation is a great way to prevent cold drafts from making their way into the basement, but it's also useful for preventing humidity and moisture from getting in as well. In fact, insulation can reduce condensation on windows by up to 50%, which will make all the difference when trying to keep water out of your home!

Cover the floor with waterproofing membranes

Installing a waterproof membrane on the floor of your basement will help prevent moisture from seeping up through cracks in concrete or dirt outside.


There are many solutions to this problem, and you can find the perfect solution for your home by using these tips! We're always happy to help our customers with their needs - large or small! Our number one goal is to ensure that every client gets a dry, leak-free basement they'll love spending time in.

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